Saturday, September 5, 2009

You saw this coming love :)

HELLO ALL! I hope you're good.Its been almost a month since Ive posted anything, so its about time it happeneddd! OH MY GARDDD! I miss youuu :)

So, Ive been here about approx 2 weeks? I would say I like it.My parents came visiting the last weekend, it was the best weekend of my life.Never had such alone time with them.

Shopping till we droppinggg, poking fun, and snuggled in between them in bed.Simply awesome.

Classes on the other hand are tough FUDGE! 8 hours of lectures a day is no fun babies.But Im alive and happy.

What more, we felt that earthquake that hit a couple days back.Scary stuff.Im ok :)
Im grateful for good friends, and such. :)
Skype has now become my best friend.ADD ME YOU -shamincookie

Till next time.Keep shining :)

I almost feel complete again :)