Sunday, June 28, 2009


You are a legend.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddys DAY!

We're waiting for him to get home from golf :)
Lotsa pressies awaiting ♥

Have a nice day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Title of this story is ' Purple Doughnuts '.

Hello evrybodyh.I hope you are well.Ive decided to post a serious one this week.This story is entitled "Purple Doughnuts".Take note.
credits to

In a city within a city, within a city within a city, there lived a boy. Now in this city within a city, within a city within a city, there was a newspaper stand on every street corner. This made life very dull due to the fact that as soon as something happened, everyone would know about it. The city could be getting nuked off of the face of the Earth and every newspaper would be telling everyone and no one would give the slightest bit if interest. In fact, the newspaper ran out of things to put as their headline and soon were posting school lunch menus. 'Extra! Extra! Honest Abe Elementary School is having Macaroni and Cheese for lunch today!' Even the Elementary School full of hyper children wasn't excited to hear about their lunch menu.

Wait, wasn't I telling a story? Thats right. About the boy. He was walking to Honest Abe Elementary School one morning, and he saw a newspaper with a headline that said 'Purple Doughnuts'. The boy didn't know what this meant, and so when he got to school, he asked his teacher about it. Without a second's notice she whisked him out of the room and into the principles office. After saying 'Purple Doughnuts' once more, he was expelled from school.

The same happened also with his mother, father, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin, she-cousin, great grandpa, great grandma, 2nd cousin, 2nd she-cousin, great aunt, great uncle, third cousin twice removed, third she-cousin twice removed, and the rest of his extended family. He became a poor boy living on the streets, until one day, he saw a rocket about to go to Mars. 'Maybe I can go to Mars to find out what Purple Doughnuts means!' he said in a remarkably school-boyish giddy sort of way.

So he got on the rocket effortlessly because this is a story and in stories people can always do whatever the hell they want, and he went to Mars. When he got to Mars there was a big 'ol sign that said 'Purple Doughnuts'. So he ran towards it! It was almost like a movie! He ran in slow motion and Chariots of Fire played! People in the audience started to tear up! He almost reached the sign and BAM! He gets hit by a semi-truck.

The moral to the story-
Look both ways before crossing the street

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everybodygetskypeee :)

LOVELIES! If you dont have Skype by now, I feel sorry for you :)

Yesterday, Dhiv wanted to webcame through MSN but it was so screwed up, so we talked through Skype for HOURS.I swear we were screaming so loud, everyone was waking up in the house.
So I decide, to carry my laptop to my room with Dhiv yelling "EH, Where you Going! ".Then after a few hours, my battery was running low and there wasnt an outlet nearby, so I carried the laptop to the hall and plugged it to an outlet, where I had to sit on the floor.
But it was SO worth it.God I miss that girl ♥

And this was when she realised I was taking pictures :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Im blogging.

Howdy all.How was your day? Mine was pretty lazy today.Ive been having a major problem with spending money.THERE! I said it.Admitting that you have a problem is the first step, fudge fudge fudge.

Im getting all these things which I dont need.And every night before going to sleep, I list down items that I plan to be splurging on the next day.HELP! I only have 5 dollars and 15 cents left from my savings.No good.No good at all.

So, I find this
page with a red button which I find so fascinating.Can hardly contain the excitement.
Then get this, I come to find myself clicking on a link and enduring pain for the next few precious minutes which I could have used listing down more items.Do yourself a favour.
DONT CLICK THIS . Dont say I didnt warn you.

After ALL that joy-ous JOY of clicking, I stumble upon this link .Its an experiment, you cant click on ANYTHING! EEEK. By far one of the coolest webpages Ive visited.Oh god temptation :)

Before I leave, heres the view from my room today.

I actually took these.Way cool

Good night.Bear Hug.

P/S : My post is extremely colourful today

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank you SKYPE :)

Saw Kris through Skype today.Bittersweet I gotta admit.He started tearing up, then I started tearing up.Then I forced myself to crack a joke before my mum started tearing up.But it was all good :)

He showed us his room, fingernails and shutters.
He can cook meals - turkey & vegetables.

My mom thinks he needs a haircut.

Philadelphia ♥

So there.100 posts today.By far the most meaningful.
Have a nice day :)

GotMilk Moustaches babys?

Officialy some of the coolest GotMilk ads.
Enjoy :)

Just when you thought it couldnt get any better...

GotMilk? ♥

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Date NIGHT.With evil popcorn & scary soda

Movie : Drag me to hell

Starring :

So VG and I decided to go watch the movie after much pestering, but yes he conveniently decides to bring a few of his friends along, and somehow I knew I was going to be kicked to the curb.
Did I mention, when he was getting the tickets, the guy asks " Are you 18?" and he replies, "No im 17".

We got the 4 seats at the back, when Nicholas calls and says he'd be joining.And there was only one seat in front- which the guys plotted to throw me to, but changed their minds after seeing the sad helpless self that I was.

This was how we were seated.I swear, all I wanted to do was to watch the movie and go home.I definitely was NOT there to hear their snarly comments and drop-dead-so-not-funny jokes like "OMG that kid has swine flu", like SHUT UP DOOOD!

I was the only one with my hands on my eyes the whole time, while those kids were making silly stabs at the movie the whole way.Bad enough, good ol Tishaan had to hold the popcorn cup on his groin which made it that much more terrifying to reach over.So, screw that.

And, one scene I flinched so hard and hit his glasses and ended up with a concusion.

Moral of the story : Gah.

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