Sunday, March 29, 2009

God doesnt close a door..

...without opening a new box of Girl Scout Cookies :)

First of all, I had a great birthday.No fancy party, no fancy clothes, no fancy gifts.
I swear..your wishes made it wonderful.I have great pleasure opening my inbox every few seconds reading em and smiling :) Still do.

In this short weeks, Ive realised that you have to make the best of every situation and opportunity.Cheesy? Not really.You really do live only once.

Kiss that stranger.
Say yes more.
Laugh out loud without holding anything back.

Now take a deep breath..


Lets all lie helplessly on the ground and strike a pose.

It'll make your day.

It made mine :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Deprived of technology :)

I HAVENT BEEN WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL! and other shows! Ok I shall stop complaining.The laptop is on the way.Anyhow, Ive met awesome friends here in IMU.Just to name a few, my Sparten friends are just amazing.We go out EVERY night.and I mean EVERY.After our finale night of our orientation which ended at 12 midnight, we drove to Midvalley to catch Street Fighter.

Ok, Midvalley at 12 am is not very pleasant-but nevermind.Then we came back around 2 am and stayed at a friends place till 4 am - and I walked back to my apartment at 4 am :)

Obviously I have lost touch of interesting posts.I promise Ill redeem myself :)
ALL YOU READERS! Dont give up on me just yet :)

Have a nice day! Kudos :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is going to be really short so thank you for understanding :)

I know, I know no updates for a week now.Im actually in the E-Lab in IMU.Havent got a broadband set up yet so this is what Ill be doing for now :)! HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE? I miss all of you so much back home.This 2 weeks was pure orientation.
Hope you checked the orientation blog:

Im in Group 10 - Go Spartens!

Have a nice day!