Saturday, February 21, 2009



Its not such a little thing after all,
Its a precious little thing :)

Kudos :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank You :)

Only 2 months :)

Only 2 weeks :)

You are amazing!

Now get a job! :)

Day # 14 : Punk

DAY for-teeein!

I decided to be true to myself and flash my lovely Converse that has been awfully faithful to me this past year.It follows me practically everwhere- Italy and the movies.

So thank you.
And to all of you that have followed my 14-day journey, HAHA thank you, you're amazing.
Im looking forward to your little project in the future.

Remember-enjoy life and always be positive.Good things will follow :)

Have a super-duper-Thursday :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day # 13 : Being Feminine

Although it can be a dreadful process...

One more day folks! I honestly expected some super FINALE with fireworks and confetti-but Ill just settle for shiny gifts from you.

Ive got mosquito bites on my face and I can resist scratching them.

Now, do a good deed and smile at a stranger today.Kudos :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Do you want me now ??

Day # 12 : White Gloves??

Essential as surgical gloves :)

So Ive managed to get my clothes and books in order today.I baked more goodies for my brother.Oh, he's such a sweet tooth.

Darn-Im going to miss my pillow willow.

Have a pimpin day folks :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am


I am

Day # 11 : Black Gloves

Yes, make sure u own at least one pair of black gloves, let it be for gardening or an assasination :)

Wokayyy-I made a chocolate cheese brownie today.I think its a little too sweet.But I did cut down on the sugar!! I DID!

And Im glad to report my injury on my heel is almost gone :)
Kudos earthlings :)

You know what bites?

Going apartment hunting and finding out that every room you walk into is small and stuffy but the living room is super comfy with sofas and a tv and super nice people living with you and then walking across the street to another apartment where the room is actually pretty big and comfy but now the living room does not have a tv which obviously means there will be no American Idol for me and not knowing if there is a Wi-Fi connection in your room making it impossible to know whats happening in the real world because of no internet connection causing the only way of me being snapped back to reality is during the weekends.

Bites, doesnt it?

P/S : Im positive :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day # 10 : Elegance and Eloquence

...and i had no idea how to hold that thing.
And, we only had Coke so there you go :)

o-m-g im at DAY 10! Im gonna be done sooon!

P/S : My YouTube channel is kickin!
Have a funky Monday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day # 9 : Love

Happy Valentines folks :)

hehehe this shot is my favourite so far :)

Its my dads birthday today.Have a nice weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Look Closely

I just stole 2 seconds of your life.Maybe even more :)

Day # 8 : Deserts and Sands


Credits to my dads super Aussie Cowboy hat.

Dont we all love the heat of the desert? Where the only source of water either comes from a cactus or a mirage.

And no, camel humps do not have water in them.

Kudos :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simply Sometimes

When I sleep alone, its usually like this
When its a little more comfortable, its more like this

Sometimes I like to dance

Sometimes I like to think,wonder

and sometimes, I like to feel loved

Most of the time, I have a little fun

and twirl around,


and around

till I get dizzy and feel like flying away

Sometimes I like dressing up,

but then I dislike how I look after that

that I just feel like running away and hiding

But most of the time,

this is how I feel...

Quick update

Howdy blogger-reenos.Well its been a while since Ive actually put something decent in here, so here goes.Today has been a pretty "mixed-fruit" day.Well lets start with the not-so-goods first :

1.I got up feeling sick, and I had to nearly cancel plans to go hang with the buds.
2.Was supposed to get yogurt and manila card for present-making but forgot.
3.Left the jelly cups and night-light I bought in the dressing room while changing.
4.Left my phone on silent leaving Jo-banana calling aimlessly for way too long.
5.Accidentally wiped off the episode where Obama dances on the Ellen show from the AstroMax.
6.Rushed home to get my AI videos up on YouTube only to find it having issues until now.
7.My love Castro was casted out of AI.
8.Attempted to make cheese omelettes but I ate them raw.
9.Made pancakes for mum and bro, and burnt about 9 pieces before getting it right.
10.Finally tried on the new night-light to find it burnt/ non-functioning.

My head hurts just thinking of those things I listed.
And now the good :)

1.Watched the Grammy duet of Taylor and Miley for the millionth time.
2.Got to go hang with my super buds.
3.Took lotsa funky pictures.
4.Ate an Alaskan fish burger.
5.Got nail art done (pink with white flowers).
6.Drove my mom home from work.
7.Found my jelly cups after a long search.
8.My stuff I left in the dressing room was not stolen.
9.Managed to make beautiful fluffy pancakes!
10.Gokey got through on AI ( gotta love em pink heads).
11.Im feeling a lot better since today morning.
12.Managed to get a few videos uploaded on YouTube.
13.Watch Dev Patel and Freida Pinto on Ellen and see them dance :)
14.Just found that my 1st video I uploaded has 5,182 views currently and rising!

So there, always focus on the positve.No negatives here.
I love you.Goodnight.

Day # 7 : Going Pink?? A Tribute.. all things beautiful in life.
Always remember to be positive.Never focus on the negative because the universe does not read negative thoughts.Live life to the fullest and take every chance you get to better yourself and everyone else around you.
Most of all, learn to forgive and free yourself.
Kudos :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day # 6 : Flowers

1.Get a garden
2.Grow them flowers!

Just so if he asks you what kind of flowers you like, you have an answer.Orchids are pretty.

Who ho ho ! Im at Day 6! Ok, I might quit half way through-thus causing Operation 14-day to come to an end because this isnt as easy as you think it is.And I wish I had just typed 4 instead of 14!

Now lets go out and scout for some stars.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day # 5 : Sports

URGH! That shuttlecock had grass on it.Simply because when you have a partner thats into sports, you gotta get used to the smell of sweat.

And yes -it keeps you healthy and fit have a balanced life.*clears throat*

As I speak, the GRAMMY'S ARE ON!
Im off to read a book now:)
Good night earthlings.

Yellow, yellow - Cause life's like that

So as you already might know, Sunday was Thaipusam and my family along with my heapful of "sugar-intoxicated-high" cousins went to Batu Caves.Priya and Veni were first timers and I was gladly enlightening them with the "do's & dont's".Well, if you saw my previous video, you would know that Ive been fasting for about a week to carry the milk pot this year.Gotta admit, I was pretty nervous when I got there and saw the big crowd.Not to mention, I had a scar on my heel that my dad made my protect with anti-septic plasters.*cough*

Moving on, after the prayers were done, we made our way up the 272 steps.Of course there was a fotress protecting me, especially my parents and my brothers :) So going up was not tough, because most of them cleared the way for us.But coming down was a whole different story.
Let me start.

As we got down, there was a huge crowd because the people walking in and the people walking out were on a collision course as no one really bothered to follow their lanes.I was pinned in the centre of the crowd-with my mom in one hand and Viji in the other.Honestly, I was more worried about my scar because I felt my plaster fall off but I just hoped it would be fine by the time we got out of the crowd.

And then it happened - I felt someone step on my feet and kick my scar and I felt something tear.OUCH!! But that wasnt on my mind because my cousins were suddenly out of sight and so was Kris.PANIC ATTACK!
So when we finally managed to get out and find one another, I turned to my heel to find the entire part of my pants soaking in blood at the heel.I still didnt get to check the actually extent of the injury till we got home.


Ok never mind that, so after a painful shower ( this was around 2 a.m), the boys were curled up in front of their Playstation so I went to bed with Priya.We stayed in their house for the night.We were so darn tired, but we ended up talking till 5 a.m.Ho! Ho! FUN :) Thank you for getting my mind off the pain!

The next day, (Sunday) my dad decided to take us for some "fun in the sun".

Yup, so after a little bit of...

And not forgetting some...

And of course, we gotta have a pinch of...

I felt pretty darn...

The infamous Thaipusam video will be up soon.
Till next time.
Kudos :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day # 4 : Table Manners

Because obviously we all lack this hugely.Even now, I can see you chewing with your mouth open :)

Im currently in pain.OW!

Remember lovelies, table manners :)