Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I Want For Christmas is...

Seasons greetings! Well my flight to Italy is around 2 a.m, so we'll be probably leaving for the airport at about 8 p.m.Im EXCITED.Its my 1st time in Europe so fingers crossed! that ill have a great time there.We have a stop-over in Dubai and I know my mom is looking forward to that, because apparently its the best place to shop? Its an 8 day-5 night tour and among the places my family and I will visit is Rome,Vatican City,Venice, Milan, Montecatini, Pisa, Verona and Florence.

I just checked the weather forecast in Rome, and its about 11 degrees! Just thinking about it gives me the chills, as you see I have trouble sleeping even with just the fan turned on.On a better note, Im all packed-pumped with long-johns, snowcaps,poofy jackets and winter clothings, gloves, socks, and various other insulators.
I better not forget my toothbrush tomorrow!

Im looking forward to the pizza, view and boys :)

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2008

Howdy Earthlings!

Hello! ok for starters, im 19 and just got out of school! im not a blogger by nature but what they hey rite! all i can say for now is that the past year has been such a rush.Ive learned so much and I feel that i have grown from where and how i was before.A little something about me, is I lead a simple life yet i often spice it up from time to time..if u know what i mean =). My ultimate dreams would be to :

1) light the olympic torch in the opening cermony of the olympics
2) high-five Barrack Obama
3) have my own foundation for Mother Nature
4) see the Eiffel Tower
5) adopt every homeless animal

Ill keep u updated if more ultimate dreams come about.And if you were wondering, yes i am sane and so are you :)

Until next time,